Akbash Dog

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The Akbash breed began in Turkey, where centuries of natural selection have branded these dogs as guardians of livestock. Looked on as a very nurturing dog, they are completely dedicated to the family and any animal in it's charge. Akbash dogs stand between 27-31 inches tall and weigh between 75 to 100 pounds. Inappropriate aggression sometimes becomes a fault of the dog, but the protection when dedicated to a family could prove to be a pay off.



Mary Chapman

I have a ten year old male Akbash. He has a great temper. He loves kids. When you give him a treat, he very carefully takes it from your hand. Being careful not to hurt your fingers. He has been allowed to run in the pasture with the horses. And got along great with them. Nobody will ever try to steal my livestock again. He sleeps next to the chickens doorway or inside their house. (he has his own) I wouldn't want to be a coon thinking I was getting a chicken for a meal. LOL

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