American Bulldog

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Originally bred in England as cattle watchers and protectors. Near the brink of extinction at the end of World War 2, they were brought back, but are still known as a rare, working class dog. The power and agility of the American Bulldog are show cased in any working environment, while their loyalty and friendliness make this dog appropriate in any setting. The dogs stand between 22 and 27 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 60 to 120 pounds.



Sherry Widener

We are getting our 2nd american bulldog. They are big and goofy, who couldnt love this breed


I don't think anyone can give you an aewnsr to this question, other than the breeder. But with that said, you seem to have done your homework, which means that you are knowledgeable about dog care in general and also aware of the issues related to the breed you are pursuing. I would think that an invitation to view the facility is a good sign. If you've got the money and there are enough puppies to go around (could be that there are other equally qualified potential owners), I would be surprised if you got turned down. Before you spend the money on a pure bred puppy, please think about rescuing/adopting a dog from a shelter. There are lots and lots of sweet, adorable puppies and dogs that already need homes. One of the great things about shelters is that you can take the dog for a "test drive." When you buy from a breeder, there is no guarantee that a puppy will have a certain personality/temperament. My partner's mom picked a dog breed based on certain characteristics. loyal, low energy, quick learner, etc. and the dog she ended up with is a high strung, bossy, stubborn (but addorable) brat. The dog we got, from a shelter, fits us perfectly. we needed a small dog that would do well in an apartment. It took several trips but we finally found a good match (and he is sitting next to me helping me type). Good luck to you!

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