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The Bassador is a hybrid or designer breed that resulted from crossing a Basset hound and a Labrador. Though the name leads many people to believe the breed is 50% Basset Hound and 50% Labrador, many Bassador are bred through many generations, so not all dogs are of 50/50 bloodline. The breed is a large dog with short legs, the Bassador weighs 50 to 70 pounds and stands 15 to 18 inches tall. The breed has a very strong hunting instinct, but still does great as a family member.



Brittani England

I have a bassador. She has a very great temper, however she is very mischevious.

LT Samuels

I have a black bassador. She does very well with every living creature. She's great with small children, babies, kittens, and just about anything on this green Earth. A Very lovable and highly protective, but not aggressive. A very large and muscular pitbull that a neighbor has got a little to close to me one day and she ripped into him like he was a field mouse. My bassador is very lovable and highly protective of her family. I agree with Brittani. They can be a mischief makers when they are young so hide your valuables or they may end up on your neighbors lawn. I score this dog a 5/5. Perfect family dog, great with other animals, and babies. Great hunter as well. I should have mentioned that. She always has her nose in the dirt sniffing something out. Easy dog to walk as they are slower than a grandma at times. However, they are very quick! My bassador left my neighbors pitbull of the same age in the dirt. Cheers!

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