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The Basston is a hybrid breed from crossing a Basset Hound with a Boston Terrier. This breed's name may be misleading, the breed is not always of 50/50 bloodlines from each dog. The small breed stands 12 to 16 inches tall and weighs 15 to 40 pounds. The Basston is gentle, calm, and alert, but they do usually need more persistent training because of their stubbornness.




Thank you for such a nice comment Miss Sona. It is truly a woufrednl thing for a dog (especially a hound) since we can separate out all the smells so we can tell everything that is in the dump. Did you know that we can smell a human and tell what they've had to eat? We don't see as well a humans but we don't need our eyes as much as we do our nose and ears.I have really been loving the warmer weather and I spend just about all day out of doors running around.Well, I've really gotta run!Nannie

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