Catahoula Leopard Dog

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This breed of bulldog originated in Louisiana around the Indian inhabited Catahoula Lake, also making it the official dog of Louisiana. This high energy working dog stands at 20 to 26 inches and weighs between 50 to 90 pounds. Mostly black and white colored coats, the high intelligence of Catahoula Leopard dogs make them great around children, where they will take on the role of mother if needed.



kayla lane

my dog breed

Bradon Koepke

Good with kids yes and is nice with certain dogs. I also have to do a dog report and this is the one dog I chose for it

Jamie Baughman

I have a catahoula boxer mix, he is very special. Love kids and all other dogs, always wants to play and is very sweet. Love him so.....right now he is the man of the house while his daddy is away......very protective when he needs to be.....I am a proud mommy.

Chad Swayze

I have a registered catahoula. I got him to help me with hunting hogs. And he does great. He loves people but does not get along with other intact male dogs. He is so smart and hardheaded. If he doesn't get enough play time he destroys things around the house to let me know about it. Probly going to be the best dog I've ever had.

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