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The breed is derived from an single male dog born to a Northern Husky 1917 that produced a large, mixed breed dog. Chinook, as the pup was called was unlike either of his parents and therefore was then bred to combine the strength of a large sled dog, with the speed of smaller racing dogs. The versatile Chinook stands at 21 to 27 inches tall and weighs 55 to 70 pounds. The breed requires a small amount of exercise, and slim-to-no amount of care for its coat.




My parents got their two micro berniad hairballs (very cute, really, but still how exciting can an animal who is always amazed that it has a tail be?) from a couple of hoarders. And they actually paid for them, rather than turning them in as I would probably have done. The dogs have odd health problems and are easily frightened by things like sudden breezes. Fight the desire to rescue one unless your children are as well behaved as those in Jane Austen books.

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