English Bull-Walker

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The breed is not a purebred dog, but a hybrid or designer dog that is the result of crossing an English Bull dog with a Treeing Walker Coonhound. It is important to be aware that the breed may not always be 50% of each parent breed, due to the commonness of multi-generation breeding. Not much is known about the rare, new breed, and since it is a hybrid breed, their traits vary. To most accurately determine the English Bull-Walker's possible characteristics, it is best to research the two parent breeds.




. but when did it become gtiuly before proven innocent? i totally agree, the dogs didn't mean to do what they did, they did it to get love they thought that if they did this maybe they can get some love (i'm talking about the dog fight dogs.) when did it ever, EVER! become okay to kill a dog because it was a pit bull? you know a long time ago the pit bull was thought of to be the best dog any one could have? but then some day after a person decided that the pit bull wasn't a good dog that the dog was horrible! and ever since the breed has been put on the death list? if pit bulls never existed, you know we'd all be saying that a dog like the rottwelier was horrible and needed to be put down like some are saying about pit bulls for once people GIVE THE PIT BULLS A CHANCE AT LOVE AND TO PROVE THAT THEY CAN LIVE A LIFE LIKE THE GOLDEN RETIVER OR THE YELLOW LAB HAS!

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