German Wolfspitz

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The breed was first popular in Holland for being a perfect house pet as well as a good guard dog, the German Wolfspitz also became the symbol of rebels who were trying to overthrow the House of Orange. The lively, excitable little dog weighs 25 to 66 pounds and stand 16 to 19 inches tall. The breed does very well with children and other pets in being very loving. Also, the breed will do okay in apartment living but a house with a small yard is suited best for the German Wolfspitz.




labrador or retrivers are loyal easy to train, but will need quite a bit of eirscxee. if you want something smaller perhaps a terrieryou might like to do some research by looking on dog breeds sights kennel club run discover dogs you may like to try that it gives you all the info you need. why not go to your local dog home and have chat see what they have they usually match the dog to the person good luck -3Was this answer helpful?

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