Irish Mastiff

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The Irish Mastiff is not a purebred breed, but a hybrid that is the result of mixing a Mastiff with an Irish Wolfhound. Since the breed is hybrid, sometimes the name may be misleading, because it is not a guarantee that all of the dogs will be 50% of each parent breed due to the popularity of multi-generation breeding. Not much is known about the breed but there is some speculation that the breed has existed before in Ireland, but went extinct due to the frown upon mix breeding. To best know the Irish Mastiff it is most helpful to research the parent breeds.




yes they are very loving and frelidny but you have to train them right still, all dogs have their own personalities so you will need to get one as a puppy( preferably from shelter) to train them, socialize them, and teach them right from wrong. certain dog breeds have better temperaments then others but you will not just get a breed of dog and it have the perfect personality. you have to have alot of money n store if you want one of these dogs, and some time to exercise them, they are large. the money part for all the food he/she will need daily, and not to mention leashes, collars, treats, ect.. you will need money to save for anything vet wise in the future. be ready for a lot of dog slobber, and kisses, and also you will need to commit to 10-13 years of sharing your home with him/her. if you cannot provide this then consider a smaller breed or no dog at all. References :

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