Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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The breed was developed in Staffordshire, England during the 19th century from crossing of the bull dog and various terriers, due to the popularity of bull baiting. The full throttle Irish Bull Terrier weighs 55 to 77 pounds and stands 17 to 24 inches tall. The breed does well with children and other animals when properly socialized. But the breed is still not for everyone, an experienced and dominant owner is best.




I'd love to read that book. I just watched the 1.5 hour epsdoie of Dogtown where they brought a bunch of the Michael Vick dogs to their facility and rehabilitated them. It was heartbreaking what conditions they had lived through but amazing to see how resilient they were. Do Oprah and Obama really think Michael Vick is a hero? I find that hard to believe.

yoni orritz

I can't believe what I've just been reading about this fictitious Irish SBT. this is garbage no such creature exists and I am prepared to wager I can prove this.
my family has been involved in breeding bull breeds as well as Irelands oldest breed the Wheaten since shortly after the potato famine in the 1850s,
one of my grandfathers dogs accompanied him to France with the UVF in 1915 and became his battalions mascot (8th btn.R.I.R.)and IMO I am more than qualified to offer expert evidence on Irish Fighting dogs.
Personally I am against dog fighting but believe gameness is one of the things that defines the breeds,much more so than K.C. nonsensical standards.
one or two other "inaccuracies" I must point out EBTs (English bulls) are not and have never been fighting dogs, they are just not equipped for the pit, they have no endurance, no speed and lack intelligence, occasionally an EBT/SBT or EBT/APBT cross is successful but there it stops as there has NEVER been any progeny from these crosses that carried the fighting genetics of their parents.
lastly you are far more likely to see a Wheaten besting a game dog and many instances exist even today,
first you have to realise the rubbish in Canada and the U.S. that are laughingly called Wheatens have nothing in common with the dogs my family and friends have bred long before they were recognised by the KC, which is when the 2 types grew apart ,our wheatens are the descendants of Dan who fittingly went to Flanders a fighting dog with our fighting men.
so please investigate the fiction that tells of a non existent breed and attributes strengths to other breeds like the EBT and Kerry blue whose only thing in common with the wheaten is it's silhouette. as I said I'm prepared to offer a wager there is no Irish staffy and never has been such a creature.

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