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The Labrakita is not a purebred breed, but a hybrid that is the result of crossing a Akita with a Labrador Retreiver. Since the breed is hybrid the name may sometimes be misleading, because it is not a guarantee that the dog will be 50% of each parent breed due to the commonness of multi-generation breeding. There are no set standards for the breed, therefore the most accurate way to determine them would be to research the parent breeds.




I worked with a shelter and found a black, male hair long. He actually looked like a newfoundland with a curly tale. As it turns out the lady that owned the akita Mom was in the shelter one day and recognized the dog. Her dog was in heat and the neighbors black lab jumped the fence hince the dog was a labrakita. He looks like the other pictures I see posted online accept for the long hair. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has seen a longed hair labrakita.
P.S. we adopted him and have had him for 7 years now. We love out KITA BEAR.


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