Lancashire Heeler

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When people no longer needed the breed for cattle herding, the dog nearly went extinct but a recreation of the breed using a Manchester Terrier and Welsh Corgi has produced a Lancashire Heeler much like the old breed. The friendly breed is set low to the ground standing at 10 to 12 inches and weighing 6 to 13 pounds. The Lancashire Heeler's strong instinct to herd means that they must be trained, so that they do not nip at humans, though the breed is kept mostly as a companion.



Stephanie R.Grimes

Hello!My name is Stephanie &I live in rural southwest Virginia,near
Abingdon,(home of the Barter Theatre)I love to photograph purebred
(& streamlined crossbred)dogs.I volunteer with local shelters & also
go to private breeders,It's so much fun!Stephanie Crimes,Glade Spring,Va


@vexingdave actually, my reoccleltion is that each shot is about one second long. However, there were a lot of treats and stay commands. Thanks! Was this answer helpful?

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