Miniature Schnaupin

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The Miniature Schnaupin is not a purebred breed, but a hybrid or designer breed that is the result of crossing a Miniature Pinscher with a Miniature Schnauzer. Because the Miniature Schnaupin is mixed, standards cannot be specifically set, therefore to best determine the possible characteristics it is best to research the parent breeds.




I love the Mini Schnaupin Hybrid! It is very smart intuitive, loyal, extremely kind and loving as well as a great swimmer and runner. But unfortunately its very hard to find breeders. I won't give up until I find one! THERE IS NO BETTER DOG!


I whole heartedly agree with you about the Mini Schnaupin! Mine was the best dog I ever had and I won't rest until I find another one. I am also having trouble locating a breeder. Mine was allof thr things that you said, such a versatile little dog with a heart of gold, she was my best friend! I hope we both find one!


I have a schnaupin she the best dog ever i love her so much *NOT FOR SELL* EVERY WANTS HER WELL U CANT HAVE HER.

calvin barnett

I have a min schnaupin for sale in columbus ohio

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