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Pitbulls were first brought to America in the 1800s by Irish immigrants, originally bred to be a fighting dog. Even thought they have received so much unfair press, they are among one of the most loyal and protective companions. Solid training will eliminate the bad name pitbulls receive for being fighting dogs. They weigh between 30 and 60 pounds and stand at 18 to 22 inches. Courageous and full of energy, when introduced to children and others from early on, the dog will make a good home even better.




just trying to find a new name for my mew pit bull i just got i want something unique.

nina mckissick lilly

I agree with the fighting thing, pit bulls are judged so unfairly. I have a 6 and a half week old pit and he is the most spoiled rotten puppy ever. I had him leash and potty trained in two days he also has his own car seat that he took over lol. I wish people would quite treating them so horrible and realize pit bulls are one of the best dogs ever.

nina mckissick lilly

we named our dog ghost cause he is really light tan and has really light blue eyes, some people even think he is hairless. I love the name ryder for a pitbull it's pretty unique if you have a boy. I want a girl named kitty cause i would love to see the look on someones face when i call for kitty and a big pit comes around the corner now that would be priceless lol.

Dawn Marie Witt

I rescued this 3 week old blue pit bull baby, the guy that had him cropped the pups ears himself, and was selling the puppies to people that were going to fight them. I took the pup and ran, I have 3 pit bulls already, who are spoiled rotten and they think they rule my house, and in all reality they do rule my home. I also reported the people for selling them and cropping their ears themselves, I wish I had a lot of money I would of bought all those puppies and I would of scanned the people interested so I knew they wouldn't be fought. Needless to say this man didn't know my dogs are family dogs. So, anyway I am looking for a rare male name anyone have any suggestions?


tell me about it i have 5 3-week old little mamas and 3 1-3 year old dogs. and they wudnt hurt a fly to save the world, that is if the fly didnt hurt me =]


i saved my first pitt frm a shelter she was going to b put to sleep just beacuse of the name! there was one guy at the shelter that had a soft spot for pitts he saved her from the uthinization list not once but four times. when i went to the shelter and broght her home she was a little skidih for the first couple of days well she has turned out to b the best dog in the world i also have a chihuia well u know what i mean lol they gett along fine with no problems to tell the truth my little one is the one that i have to warn people about! well i just saved a nother pitt today she was left in a house for who knows howlong with no food or water i brought her home and all of them gett along just fine i love pitts no matter what people say about them if it was between my lover and my dogs i would deff choose my dogs!!!!

Cassi Marion

My Bf and i have three pit bulls. All just under 6 months 2 males named spook and twitch the youngest beaing about 1 month named lexi. They are so spoiled and loving i cant keep them outside cause they barge in and take over the couch. Lexi, my 1 month old sits on the couch with us and watches tv. they are the best dogs ever. And yes they do have aggresion but its all on how you treat and train them. Plus if you have more then one male do not keep them all unfixed. that will cause a fight as it will with most breeds if females are in heat. I love pit bulls, rottweilers, dobermans, aka fighting dogs just cause they are the best ever for loyalty and protection.


My boy a 9 year old pitbull is the most friendly and social dog i have ever known he wouldn't hurt anyone unless you were hurting me. He is a very good judge of character if he isn't all over someone I know to be carefull of that person.I hate it when pitty's get a bad deal,he is very loving and if I say gentle he will be.


Wow it's very good and beautiful by the way I have a puppy pit bull tiger it's so good and friendly I like him so much but some times he vibrate I take him to the Doctur he side the he may be sick andhewill die soon or he will be alive but she will take drugs all of her life


I have 2 pitbulls they may not be "purebred" but that doesnt mean anything. One of puppies is a mixed with labrador retriever named Cocoa, and the other one is a mixed cihuaha named Pepper. We resecued Cocoa off the streets, and we rescued Pepper from being fed to a full-grown pitbull. I love them both so much!!!:) I agree that pitbull fighting is terrible. Cocoa wouldnt hurt a fly (unless you were hurting me), Pepper on the other hand would probally never hurt anything (ever)!!!!:D I absolutely love pitbulls, rottwilers, boxers,and dobermans. Cocoa and Pepper are the loves of my life!! <3


I lost my pitbull name Boss


The only think I can't stand about pits are their farts. Omg my babies can clear a room! I don't know what I feed them but boy do they stink. I call them my furry babies and im not worried one bit about having either of them around my newborn. I have a 8 year old female and 2 year old male! They are my babies and always will be!


I have a 9 week old blue nose female bought at 6 weeks and she's the best ever her name is Shadow i named her that because on her left eye it looks like she has eye shadow she liked the name as soon as I started calling her that and I have a 8 week old red nose just recently bought and his name is Ciroc I named him that because my friends were always talking about the vodka and he seemed to like the name so that's his name :)


I want a name for a pitbull dog?


I bred nd raised pits for 10 yrs.they r the best family pet ever if u know how to raise nd socialize them.they r not meant for ppl that don't know how to b the alpha n the pack. that's when the dog assumes the role.they r extremely smart nd learn quick.I love this breed an will not own anything but a pit


my uncle got a brindle pit in saturday and i cant find them on any site except bing and thats for pictures


Hello, I found your webpage from digg. This isn't not an arictle I would regularly read, but I liked your spin on it. Thanx for creating something worth reading!

tracy allen

Loving my pits.


Im gettng a new pit and her name is terry she is so cute nd no fightng 4 her


i love this breed. when i get older i will get my own pitbull


IM 14 YEARS OLD i just bought a puppy its my second pitbull my mama owns a pitbull there beautiful loving dogs what people say about them they are Hippocratic people i love them and well have them till the day i die

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