St. John's Water Dog

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The St. John's Water Dog seems to be a naturally occurring breed from the Netherlands that was most likely the foundation for the modern Retreiver and Newfoundland breeds, where today a true St. John's Water Dog is extinct. The standard for the breed is not known but their looks could have been described as medium-sized, strong, stocky, and most resembled the modern English Retreiver. The breed was almost completely black with white chest markings and paws, making them look like they were wearing a tuxedo.




I don't know how much "newer" Lardy and Graham's materials are I haven't seen a date, but I've seen most of the Lardy basic/intro set, and the qaiulty appears to be at least 10 years old. I don't know how much is the same/different frm what he does -now-. But I guess not different enough that he's updated it?I'm struggling with whether it makes more sense to R+-ify an existing program, if I need to look at the concepts taught in those programs and R+ the concepts, or if I should just read the rules and pave the way . I don't want to learn something the hard way, but I don't want to get held back by tradition, superstitious exercises, or things that aren't necessary due to the differences in methods. Definitely email me if you want to talk more about the content of the Lardy tapes .or anything retriever-y!

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