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This breed is not a purebred dog, but is a hybrid or designer mix that is the result of crossing a West Highland Terrier with a Bichon Frise. Not much is known about the fairly new and unknown breed, therefore no standards have been established. To most accurately determine the mixes' possible traits, it is best to research the parent breeds.




That quote works on the non-material level, as well... Dis-Contentment and Non-gratitude for what we have in the relationship-level, and cincamsturces- usually breeds discontent, too... But a fine line between contentment and settling... Your thoughts made me philosphical.. (somewhat!)... P.S. I have worked all morning on a rose from MS website... duh.. not going well for me at all... but I don't have the wires, the tapes, or the paint.. Come to think of it, all I had was the coffee filters? haha... So, no wonder, huh?

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