Anatolian Mastiff

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The breed was developed in Turkey thousands of years ago as a giant flock dog that evolved to think of the flock as their own family. The mountain molossian-type breed weighs 88 to 143 pounds and stands 27 to 32 inches tall. The Anatolian Mastiff is first and foremost a flock guarding breed, and is very independent and strong willed, making the breed sometimes hard to control and discipline.




want to know about these dogs


I was looking for an American Mastiff when I saw this breed....


I want to know more about the breed, temperment,drooling,exercise level,etc


Mastiffs are just like every other breed individuals. There's no way on earth to priedct how a dog you don't even have will react. They don't all have the same temperaments. Some will run, some will be ready to attack. The dog's age would also have a bearing on its reaction. A bear would be just as likely to attack the dog, so not having a fence and having the dog outside would be extremely irresponsible.References :

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