Blackmouth Cur

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The southern United States is responsible for the breed where they are used by local hunters and sportsman. The Blackmouth Cur is most famous as the dog in the Disney movie Old Yeller. The large, black-muzzled breed stands at 16 to 25 inches tall and weighs 45 to 95 pounds. The Blackmouth Cur needs a great deal of exercise, making it a good pick as a jogging companion.




i have the perfect sueisgtgon a jack russel terrier i have one and he is one years old and he sheds but if you come him regularly then he wont his coat is soft and shiny they are good dogs you should get one they are very happy and playful dogs he is always walking around and he is always looking for you to play with him and he could go on allot of walks and very friendly and becomes protective over you guys not in a bad way but like if your on a walk and another dogs come to attack you he will defend you at all cost and if another person attacks you he will defend you they are like alarm systems every time some one gets closed to your house he wil advise you i hoped this helped

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