Bull and Terrier

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First developed in the 1800s, the Bulldog and Terrier were cross bred in attempt to form a more suitable fighter, instead a more suitable appearance was recognized and made popular among English nobles. The gentle Bull and Terrier stands at 20 to 24 inches tall and weighs 45 to 80 pounds. They are not guard dogs but do well with active families, not so much with small children because their energy levels are so high.




Ah, yes. House taninirg. The basis of dog taninirg itself! Here's what you got to do.Ditch the puppy pads. Waste of money, unless you expect your dog to use them for the rest of his life. You want him to use the backyard instead.You first need to buy a crate. Only get one that your puppy would have enough room to eat and sleep there. Yes, put the food bowl in his crate. This way, he will be less likely to want to use it as a toilet. Dogs tend to not like to use the area they eat and sleep in as a toilet.Every morning when you wake up, take your pup outside. Watch him closely for ten minutes. If he goes potty, rush over and congratulate him. Then, take him inside and allow him to play, run around the house, and eat a few small treats. In a few hours take him outside again and do the same.BUT if he doesn't go to the bathroom. Say nothing, just scoop him up and crate him for another half hour or so. Soon, he will get the idea that going to the bathroom outside is a good thing!What about accidents?When your dog has any misconduct (accidents, growling, barking, jumping, biting) you have to do this. Look down on him with a firm expression and say loud and firm "NO." If he cowers down, crate him for about a half hour. Then let him out again. If he challenges you when you say no, repeat yourself more firmly and louder until he eventually cowers.Remember, the more time you spend taninirg your dog and laying down the rules in the first year, the better dog you will have in the long run.References :

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