Dutch Smoushond

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Little origin information can be found about the breed but it is known that during the 1800s the Dutch Smoushond was a popular gentleman's companion in German households. The breed went fairly extinct until a woman from Germany selectively studied the breed and brought back a dog like what we can see today. The easy-pleasing breed stands at 14 to 17 inches and weighs 20 to 22 pounds. The Dutch Smoushond gets along well with children and even the family cat.




Training a Chihuahua isn't as difficult as one may think, but the idea is to start early beorfe your Chihuahua believes they are running things in the home. You see, the misconception about Chihuahua's is the fact that they are small dogs, and because they are small dogs how much trouble could they really be. Well, if you ask a Chihuahua owner something along those lines, they will tell you that this particular breed of dog will really want things to go their way, most of the time. In order to decrease the chances of this happening, or to get that Chihuahua of yours under control, there are 5 easy techniques that can be used to instill a little more structure in their lives.

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