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The small hunting dog was developed in the United States many centuries ago though the exact date is not known, the Feist was described in many American accounts, such as one by George Washington in 1770. Since the Feist is bred simply for hunting not appearance, there is little to no consistency in their standard sizes. The Feist is very high spirited yet lovable, but the breed still lives for the hunt.




I will absolutely coutnine to fight breed-specific legislation in Ontario and in the rest of Canada. I'm glad you understand this. When you enlisted in this war you grasped that there's no retreat and no surrender.Hope you guys have a boring flight and that the freedom in BC won't be too much of a culture shock. The paranoia from living in this evil province will probably stay with you for awhile, so don't be surprised by that.Best of luck, kiddo, looking forward to hearing all about it.Selma

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