Foxy Rat Terrier

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The hybrid or designer breed is the result of crossing a Toy Fox Terrier with a Rat Terrier. Since the Foxy Rat Terrier is hybrid, the name may sometimes be misleading because it is not guaranteed that they breed will be 50% of each parent breed due to the popularity of multi-generation breeding. The breed is new and little is known so no standards have been set, to best determine the characteristics, researching the parent breed would be most helpful.




listen to your instincts as well as keep in mind how your dogs are based on life with them. you suohld, if you pay some attention and tune in, have a good idea about your pets nature. based on what you know, or will learn, make personalized descisions based on each individual dog. and, no matter what other ppl say here, NO ONE WAY IS THE ALWAYS CORRECT WAY.References :

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