German Longhaired Pointer

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The breed was first developed in Germany for use as a pointer but during the 19th century was cross-bred with setters and English pointers for speed, and was later cross-bred again to improve a steady and friendly attitude. The gentle yet hard working German Longhaired Pointer stands 23 to 28 inches tall and weighs an average of 66 pounds. The only solid dark chocolate color breed is very affectionate towards its family and is known to easily experience separation anxiety.




Gardner, sorry to take so long to respond, escpieally since my response is going to be thin I don't feel qualified to speculate on Illich's motivations for certain statements. I personally interpreted this film along lines not so different than what you suggest that its criticism of the notion of learning only happening with a teacher emphasized the only As implied by the WFMU sensemakers post I wrote that you also commented on, I too value the role that some external teacher can have on my learning in that instance I was referring to DJs with vast and obsessive knowledge on the music they played. And I too am grateful to the teachers who provoke, encourage and guide me you are one of them.I know I come across as a knee-jerk anti-authoritarian at times and often behave as one. But I frequently assign value to an author or an authority if they can demonstrate their legitimacy. And in my view, legitimate authority should be strong enough to withstand honest inquiry. And lest I give the wrong impression, I am not suggesting that you are advocating an uncritical acceptance of authority. That's not real school.

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