Irish Setter

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This breed first became popular in the 18th century in Ireland and the British Isles, where it was known for setting and hunting game. This distinct sporting dog weighs between 60 and 70 pounds and stands at 25 to 27 inches tall. This beautiful, high-energy dog requires regular exercise and an outgoing family.




Did anyone buy the Five Star Potion from the mceartplkae? I did and after completing the download, I walked around and recieved the gift to give to my dog. I opened it in the Sanctuary and then my Xbox froze, now it's gone and I cant give it to him. I tried redownloading it but got nothing. I tried buying the books but all my stores dont have books on them. I've been waiting for days.Help?


Talk is cheap!! Man was I fool by this guy!! Good trainer bad bunisess person, He never finish My dog and up and left after he recieve final payment!! BE AWARE of SCAMS, Should have did my research but I've learn if they not in goggle watch out.. And when I knew no other person was in training but me I should have just left!!

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