Japanese Terrier

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The breed became most popular in Japan during the 17th century when the Japanese terrier was brought over by Dutch or English sailors where the breed quickly became a favorite house pet and lap dog. The rare and tiny Japanese terrier weighs 6 to 9 pounds and stands 11 to 13 inches tall. The breed prefers a gentle and consistent owner that they will become very affectionate with. It is recommended that they not be kept around young children, due to it's small size, but it often makes a wonderful family pet.




I have a 2 year old Bugg (Boston-Pugg). The only issues we have had with him is food aiereglls giving him some skin issues and a sensitive stomach which results in room clearing gas. We put him on a low ingredient food and he has been much better Course this is just my dog.. My friends who have the same breed do not have any issues with food but do however have an issue with her breathing as her nose is very short (this can be quite common is short nosed dogs)Honestly he is very intelligent and eager to please (house trained himself.. didn't have to do a damn thing!!) with heaps of personality I would recommend this breed any day of the week.

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