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This breed was first developed in Hungary to protect flocks of sheep and cattle on the plains. The Komondor is best known for is unusual coat of dense heavy cords. These cords of hair provide protection as well as allowing them to blend in with the flocks. This large breed stands at an average of 25 inches or taller and weighs 80 pounds and up. The Komondor is very demonstrative with those they love.




It really comes down to how you take care of the dog. If you purhsace a puppy from a reputable breeder, and take care to train the puppy and socialize him or her well, to other dogs, children, and strangers, then you will wind up with a well adjusted dog who gets along well with everyone. Any dog will have to be watched carefully around children, and a younger dog might be too energetic for frail, elderly people. Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers generally make good family dogs, but they require lots of exercise (beyond a daily walk), and it takes them two or three years to get beyond the puppy stages and settle down into mature dogs. You might look into adopting an adult dog, if you need a calmer dog right away. -3Was this answer helpful?

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