Lagotto Romagnolo

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The water retrieving breed has been known in Italy since the 16th century where today it is known as the only breed to search for truffles on all kinds of ground. The working Lagotto Romangnolo has a natural gift for searching. Standing at 14 to 19 inches tall and weighing 24 to 35 pounds they are considered to be a small breed. Due to the small size of the breed, apartment living would be suitable, but a sufficient amount of exercise is still needed. The Lagotto Romangnolo loves to dig holes, so flower bed lovers keep watch!




Have been looking for a puppy for sometime. Where is it possible to aquire one?

Gayle Dixon

Would this kind of dog make a good Service DogÉ I have asthma and bad allergies so am looking for a non-shedding dog. Where can I find a breeder in Canada.

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