Neapolitan Mastiff

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This ancient breed can be traced back to Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Asia to the dogs of war for the Roman Army. The Neapolitan Mastiff's strong appearance makes them a great defender. This massive breed weighs between 110 and 150 pounds and stands at 24 to 31 inches tall. Well-bred and socialized dogs do well with families, but are protective around strangers.




Hey Eric, I love to watch your videos! They rlelay help me with training my collies The first video of your I watched was the loose leash walking and I was hitched to your dog training after that. I trained my 10 yr old horse for the last 5 yrs and I cant get over how similar dogs and horses learn.. I did the same walking exercise with her. I cant wait to try this with my girl to help her get over he chasing kids. Thank you so much!!!

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