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Podenco Canario Pictures



jill / just found your website due to pocnedo post (thank you Beryl) I have a Podenco Canario in the Uk, have had the pleasure of owning since June `10. She is wonderful cannot begin to say how much we adore her. She remains a nervous girl although is getting more confident all the time. She does love to have a cuddle her body is so warm just lovely in the colder nights! I would urge anyone considering adopting one to do so. Yes they will have no idea of what living in a house is all about, but believe me they very soon learn, just love their home comforts, they have have high prey drives but that is just something you have to be aware off it is not a problem nor does it make them any less of a loving pet. My girl is only `switched on` to hunting out over fields, in the home she is restful and in fact lives with two cats. I am so glad much more is being done to promote them as pets.

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