Australian Cattle Dog

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Originated in the 1800s, the Australians cross bred 3 dogs to get a Dingo type inspired dog called Australian Cattle Dog. This breed is famous for enabling farmers to maintain huge cattle herds. Blue and red became the popular marking colors of the 17 to 20 inch tall dog. Weighing 30 to 60 pounds, the dog is extremely muscular, which gives them great agility and strength. Ranked 10th in Stanley Coren's The Intelligence of Dogs, make Australian Cattle Dogs suitable companions to any active lifestyle.



Savanna raine robbins

i had an Australian cattle dog pup very, very, very, very smart dog he knew
fetch at 8 months old but when he was 9 months he got parvo and died. :(


My Thor is a very intelligent dog, he loves to race around the yard doing about 40 mph lol hes fast, loves his walks leash dragging, very protective, could not ask for a better dog to be around my grandson....


Not to be rude But you don't even really sound like you want a dog, or are a dlgoover. They take lots of time, attention, , and LOVE ! And getting a puppy is especially trying at times, because of all the attention they must have. It is also very expensive to properly care for a dog. Weimareiners are beautiful, gentle dogs which need lots of exercise. If you really don't HONESTLY want a dog and all the responsibility that goes along with it, brother-in-law or not, don't let anybody talk you into getting one.References :

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