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First seen more than 10,000 years ago, the Azawakh are a very ancient and unique breed that has hardly no ties to any breed of today. The desert life as well as the breeding from man have made this breed very strong for Africa's lifestyle. The standard Azawakh stands at 24 to 29 inches and weighs 33 to 55 pounds, with the bones clearing showing through the skin. The breed develop an intense bond with their owners and are ready and willing to run even in 100 degree weather.




This dog is ugly it reminds me of a greyhound. Who would want to own this dog?


You make me laugh, you have no idea who I am and think that I am rep for the Hunte Corp? Seriously? Because I don't lump all breeders in the same box and am open minedd to breeders who do things differently than me, that makes me their rep? Haha, you so funny! Some Brachycephelic breeds live upwards of 11-13 years. So what? If people want a long lived breed, they should have that choice. Great Danes and other large breed dogs don't have as a long as a lifespan either? So what's your point? We have so many different breeds and it's all about choice. As long as breeders operate within the law and take care of their animals, who are you to say where people must get their pets from? As for genetic disorders, yes, those are some of the diseases that can occur for the breed. I breed Labradors. Ever see the list of disease they can have? I'll tell you what, it's long, but you know what? I rarely ever see any of them. I do health test my breeding stock, maybe that's why, but many can't be tested for yet. And I do have to thank the AKC for those DNA test I can test for. But again, when you are talking about for every glowing testimony, there is another complaint. Really? Did you just pull that number out of our hat? Just more of your biased opinion and can't back up anything with fact. You have been so brainwashed by the AR that you just can't handle the truth.And when did making money become a bad thing? I wish I could make money breeding dogs and doing something I love. Veterinarians, Handlers, Trainers, Boarding Kennels, Groomers, well they all make money off of animals, why can't a breeder?

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