Bearded Collie

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Known as one of Britain's oldest breeds, they originated in Central Europe, but are best known for being animal herders from Scotland. An average Bearded Collie weighs between 40-60 pounds and stand at 20-22 inches tall. For centuries, they were bred specially for companionship and servants for man, making them a suitable pet for any home.




I am surprised that the vet didnt also give the dog a shot to help reelive the itching until the medication starts to work.Usually, prednisone takes a while before it starts to work. My dog was still itching for a day before he really started to settle down on it.Then he started getting side effects from the stuff.He is fine now- and on a much smaller dose which I will only give him when he needs- rather than regularly as a preventative.Just try to stop your dog from itching when you notice it and try to distract him as much as you can until the medication starts to work.Good luck!

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