Bernese Mountain Dog

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This particular breed of dog originated in Switzerland and was named for the Canton of Bern. Along with being a working dog, Bernese Mountain Dogs were great companions for the farmers who owned them. The black long coat of the dog makes them a heavy shedding dog. They are large dogs, standing at 23 to 28 inches and weighing around 80 to 110 pounds. Their gentle nature makes them an ideal pick for farming families or families with area for the dog to run.




Do you have any names for male dogs this breed?


Mom - You have such a large heart for such a petite body. Hopefully your derise to rescue the world will be contagious. I'm glad you've given these dogs a voice to be heard. The pictures say more than words could ever convey. I'm sure the rescue groups will benefit greately from your efforts. I'm very proud of you.

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