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The Boxer breed was developed in Germany as a fighting and hunting dog. This breed is known for standing up on its hind legs and punching at opponents, giving them the name Boxer. Usually they have tan and white coats, and are one of the most popular dog breeds in America according to AKC Registration Statistics. This breed weighs between 55 and 80 pounds while standing at 21 to 25 inches. Boxers desire for human affection make them great family pets.



chadi sio

i love boxers




i have a fawn boxer!
i love boxers
you see some dogs are cute when they are puppies but then they lose here babbie faces but at any age boxers still have their babbie faces! thats what i love about them!!!!!


i love boxer dogs... just got a new one ... got any sweet names???! :)

Lauren Dixon

I also have a boxer,Zoey. she's 6 months and has the personality of a tornado! love her to bits!

melissa newman

i like the name nikki its cute or dolly is what i named mine she almost 8 weeks old and loves bitting my toes when she gets the cahnce she love chasing the kittens around the house and barking and grouling at everyone lol its so cute she loves to cuddle with me at night when she goes to bed . shes just a great dog she has pit and mixed with boxer in her . just love her shes more of a boxer then a pit though.


I love them I had one boxer wen I was months old he use to take care of me wen my mom was outside and he use to warning my mom wen I start to cry my mom love them she just bought to more Boxer and she to happy I also have a scoodle :)


I would just reccomend you get a relaly high tight shut cage, because no matter what I seemed to do, my rabbit would always come out of its cage. Was this answer helpful?

emmett jordan

I,'ve lost my dogs registration how can I get a copy

Michael Jorden

They are so cute.

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