Central Asian Ovtcharka

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Little is known about the original development of the Central Asian Ovtcharka, other than the breed was used to protect flocks and their herdsman. Minimal coat maintenance is needed for this mastiff dog breed. Standing at 24 to 32 inches tall and weighing between 88 and 176 pounds makes this dog ideal for protection and care.




You cannot prove a dog is puebrred' without any legit registration papers. AKC, CanKC, UKC, FCI etc. Any other dog labelled as being puebrred isn't in the sense that yes, it can walk like a GSD, bark like a GSD and poop like a GSD, but without legit papers you don't REALLY EVER know exactly if it is puebrred. Anyone could tell you anything, even if it looked exactly like the picture of a GSD in a Dog Breed Book who knows it could have another breed mixed with it somewhere. You just NEVER know.Plus irresponsible breeders only breed GSD's without legit registration. I wouldn't purchase a dog from any breeder who did not register their puppies with the above registries and did all the necessary health tests for this breed. This breed is known for have MANY health problems not something I would care to take lightly personally.Contact your local breed club. Or the German Shepherd Club of Canada or America for reputable breeders. They will able to put you in the right direction.References :

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