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The Dachshund was first bred in Germany as badger hunters that would fight to the death. According to the AKC Registration Statistics, they are one of the most popular breed that come in standard and miniature size. This breed stands at 5 to 12 inches tall and weighs around 8 to 11 pounds. They are prone to back problems, but do good living in small environments as well as standard and large sizes.




These dogs are the BEST around children!(: I have 2 a boy and a girl! they are just WONDERFUL!!!(:


Our dachsund recently passed and we are getting a puppy for my chihuahua
and it has taken about 6 months to make the move to get a puppy. Even
though no dog will replace Yasmine we are finally ready. We still miss
Yazmine very much.

Wish us all the best.
Sue Moye


We have 2, one is a short haired black male and he's 5 years old and he's as smart as a tack. His name cute is Bratwurst, a cute name because he's German! He loves to play, was easy to train, loves people, including children!
My other one is just 2 months old. He's white with brown patches and he has beautiful blue eyes, he's long haired and we're still trying to train him. We named him Patches. He is just so cute! Bratwurst acts like he's Mr. Mom to our baby, he's my boy!
Both are purebred, but even if they weren't, we wouldn't care!


Amazing dogs, such good temperments. Our last dachshund died at 18 years of age and my children grew up with her and she brought such joy to the whole family. Getting a new puppy now, a new dachshund. Would Hi highly recommend them, fantastic breeds and so good with children

K. Orr

I just agreed to foster a 1 1/2 yr old dachshund. He is male, neutred and is very playful and a great dog for me, but he tries to catch and kill my cat and doesn't like smaller children, he tries to bite them and barks at everyone he sees. He seems to like some women he comes in contact with but generally barks at everything and everyone. I need to find a home for him as soon as possible. My poor cat cannot come out and be herself while he is here, and I do not want to crate the dog 24/7. Anyone know if he might find a home with a loving adult person?? Thanks!!

Kathi Orr

By the way, My particular little dog was not built like most of the other true dachshunds I have ever seen. He was smaller, more petite build so may possibly been a mix of some sort. The dachshunds I have been around are truly good with small children, however and I think this is true of most breeds , the dog's personality and mildness could depend much on how it is raised and who raises it and trains it.....


i dont know what to name my new puppy she is a full blooded wennie dog and she is milky chocolate...... any ideas

Peter Becker

Like get a Dachshund

Peter Becker

Like to get a Dachshund

Randy Sue Frazier

My Dachshund's name is Gidget & she is truly the boss in this family. My 120 lb male dog (Sammy) stands down when Gidget shows her teeth. Gidget's 6 oz male puppy (Bling-Bling), even gets his way with Sam-Sam. Gidget will let kids, (10 yrs & younger) get around me. Even gets in on the kisses & playing around. She does not allow anyone over 10 yrs old give me kisses, hugs, or touch me in any way. I tell everyone she's not my dog but I'm her human. But oh lord, how I do love my girl!

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