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Most known for their characteristic spots and as a fire-house dog, the Dalmatian is accredited to many nationalities. This large breed of dog typically weighs 55 pounds and stands between 20 and 24 inches. The family-orientated, fun-loving dog thrives in any family environment.




I need help naming for my male puppy.... so please does anyone have any suggestions for me?


Booster is a good name; its a hose that hooks onto all the fire trucks and removes off when they drive out on a call.


Im getting a new male puppy next week and with all our dalmatians the names had to come from the fire service. I need some more suggestions for a name for him. Can anyone please help me?


Here is an excellent name... "Pierce" they are a company that makes fire trucks in Wisconsin. Look them up. I show Dal's we recently had a litter and it was a female so I had to use a different name. Shot. My husband is a Fire Chief Special Operations and he picked it and loved it. Many fire guy's thought the name was cool!


for lots of good names you can go to puppynames.com and click on male names whatever one you like click on that to see the meaning so you could still the name you want from a fire service


Gretzky :)


scooby or puppy or rocky or tiger,etc

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