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The Doberman Pinscher originated in Germany around 1900, and was named for the tax collector Louis Dobermann of Apolda, who wanted a medium size dog to be a guard dog as well as a companion. Training has made this dog a great police and war dog, standing at 24 to 28 inches and weighing between 66 and 88 pounds.




I have had 4 Dobermans and would never consider having another breed- My recent sweetie, SASHA, is a female black and tan that I adopted over 4 years ago and she and I are all alone on 7 acres. She is my Amazon and I am her Lady of the Estate.


Are these dogs safe with kids?


dobermans are real ugly looking.

Neelesh Dwivedi

i love dogs.he is veri homest animal..


Natalia Sha. :Tachkent est la ville de pain. C'est vrai. Mythe et le9genda fait notre ville natale dceyoument. Mais il e9tait et cruel parfoit. Ne nado sopleyi.

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