Dogue de Bordeaux

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The origin of Dogue de Bordaeux is a mystery, but they were trained to bait big game, hunt boars, herd cattle, and protect the homes and businesses of their masters. Most famous as Hooch alongside Tom Hanks in Turner and Hooch, this mastiff type breed weighs at least 99 pounds and stands between 27 and 29 inches tall. This breed is very affectionate and attached to his family.




My Lady Of The House is reporting on Crufts this year (I have moeand about her absence on my blog) and she tells me the new independent vet checks only came in from March 1 this year this is why these five dogs who have been disqualified (so far) were successfully judged by lots of other judges.The new rules had to start some time and the good news is that they WILL apply to all the Best of Breed winners at ALL Kennel Club licensed General and Group Championship Dog Shows from Crufts 2012 onwards.I hope that in future years we can look forward to less health problems in these pedigree dogs which can only be good news.Tomorrow is the last day of judging and there's only two of the fifteen designated breeds still to be judged, the Bloodhound and the Basset Hound so we'll have to see what happens there.Love and licks, Winnie

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