German Shepherd

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This German based breed originated in 1899, while later its fame in North America came from its association with Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart. Today, the German Shepherd is hailed as one of the world's leading police and military dogs. It is also consistently one of the most popular breeds according to the AKC Registration Statistics. This large breed weighs between 77 and 85 pounds and stands at 22 to 26 inches. German shepherds are loyal family companions and great with children.



doggie lover 2000t

This is a good site to see the dog breeds... akc is tooo. The American Kennel club is awesome!!!!!


German Shepherds are a great dog. They are loving and have good agility. mine gets along with my Golden Retriever very well too.


I want a german shepherd so much! <3 my dad used to have one. He said that they are playful, cuddly, sweet (to humans and other animals, like a cat), great (in everything they do), Cute <3, and most of all great house pets for families with kids!!!


GERMAN SHEPHERDS are the first kind of dog breeds that i love and huskys are the second:P


I love German Shepherds and Huskies as well




I have a german shepherd female puppy,which I love...she's smart response to her command and she's friendly and protective with my 3 daughters she's just so adorable.....GSD lover!!!


danielle i have 7 puppy german sheperd left


Ive been looking for a german Shepherd on every website for my husband and havent found one within my price range. Hope to find one soon.....


I have a GS and her name is Ava.

I love her she's a great girl.

Neelesh Dwivedi

I have a GARMAN Sh. PAIR puppy, Which I Love.....They smart response to her commenand.I love GERMAN SHA. dog. He is veri big and very beautiful

Donna Carlson

I am also looking for a GS. I want to make her my service dog. The one I have now is getting to old, but she is still strong at heart.


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