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This breed is believed to have developed in the Chukchi tribe off the eastern Siberian peninsula. Most famous for being used in the 1908 All-Alaskan Sweepstakes as sled dogs in an 408 mile race. This very thick coated dog weighs between 35 and 60 pounds and stands at 20 to 24 inches tall. The Husky is a relatively easy to keep, but requires daily rigorous exercise.




The Siberian husky is a very nice breed, but are very heavy shedders. I want a Siberian husky puppy for Christmas.


Same! I want a husky so much. They shed heavily like you said but i think it is worth it. (:


OMG!!! i wanted a Siberian husky too! LOL! our names r the same and we want the same thing for Christmas!!! (BTW..... I didn't get one :(!!!)


Siberian Husky lover here! xD I really want one of these super gorgeous dogs. Yea, they shed A LOT! I'm living in a really hot country and I heard that their coat isolates the heat from them. Cool!


I live in Louisiana, I have a husky puppy. They molt twice a year, they don't shed all the time. But they make up for all shedding or anything else with their personality and love
(and with those wild howls)!I love my husky, her name is tsubaki


My boyfriend just bought me a husky as a thanksgiving present and im trying to figure out a native name for it that works for both genders since he didn't tell me the gender all i know is that the husky is very quiet :D . If you have any suggestions let me know please and thank you. I get to meet my puppy tomorrow yay me hehe :P.


i have a husky he has to differnt colerd eyes one is red and one is ornge his name is mickey


hey people of the internet i love huskys thay are the cuts dogs i ever seen i have 5 huskys and 1 huskyrottweiler.


hi guys i am a girl who loves husky and huskyrottweilers my bf gave me a huskyrottweiler for v day i have 1 husky and 1 huskyrottweiler my huskyrottweiler is a boy with a green eye and a blue eye and his name is israpbel like in the yogscast.


i love thes dogs they"re so cute!

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