Irish Wolfhound

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This breed is recorded as early as 391 A.D. in Roman records. They were often used as royal gifts, and became so good at their job of hunting that by the 19th century few were left. This commanding breed stands at 30 to 34 inches tall and weighs 90 to 150 pounds. Now Irish Wolfhounds are primarily family companions, they still give way to fleeing prey.




Welcome home. We wish you all A wondrous New Year fielld with more grand adventures, health, Sibe magic, great surprises (of the good kind), and always love.Thanks for the gift of your friendship. It means a lot to us.Puff's current favorite thing is an old chewy stick she found in the dog toy box which has now also become White Dog's favorite, which has also become Quinn's so it goes outside with Puff, comes in with WD, is snatched up by Quinn. Only Nuka with her 8 teeth isn't interested! Now mind you we have a graveyard's assortment of bones throughout the house but it only this one.

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