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The breed first reappeared between the two world wars when German game managers were focused on getting the then extinct German breed and pushing out foreign breeds. The black and reddish brown Jagdterrier stands 13 to 16 inches and weighs 16 to 22 pounds. Due to the breeds adaptability and extreme intelligence, Jagdterrier make great companions, but it is important to realize they are still primarily a hunting breed.




Great Programm, I've bought it fiallny. IMHO better then Papers.Some confusion: I didn't know if the update from the Appstore's light version (1.5) leads to the current full version (1.6), hence I bought it direct without the Appstore.A question: iDocument for iPhone (or iPad) is not available on the German Appstore. Do anyone know whether it will be available and when?


- Thanks! I especially love the last photo bueacse Ella Mae absolutely HATED the shutter sound the camera makes, but she got more curious as I snapped more.

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