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First descended from the arctic strains, the Keeshond was particularly popular in Holland as the Dutch Patriot Political party breed. This medium sized dog stands at 16 to 19 inches tall and weighs 35 to 66 pounds. The well-mannered companion is good for families.




super cute i had a dog like this before except it was part chow chow


Jeremy, ha, yep. Fable also has the power of attacking and biintg the vacuum.Cristina, Yeah, it's especially hard to take pics of black dogs in the snow.Chris, thanks! How'd you stumble onto my blog? Just curious. I take the shots in color and then I convert them in Photoshop to black and white. I shoot in RAW format, which lets me adjust the exposure some after I've taken the pictures, which helps a lot. I use a Pentax K10D Digital SLR camera, and I'm very happy with it. Thanks for visiting!

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