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This breed has been found as early as 3000 BC in ancient Egyptian wall carvings. It is also said that Caesar became so fond of the Mastiff's abilities, while fighting along them during 55 BC that he brought them back to Rome for himself. The Mastiff is one of the biggest dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club, standing at 27 to 20 inches tall and weighing between 150 and 160 pounds. This breed is very gentle and attached to its family, but because of its size the Mastiff needs plenty of space.



Gale Merseburgh, Jr.

I fancy this large breed dogs. One day I hope to have a chance to be a registered breeder of these massive dogs.


I would love one of these but the drool I couldn't stand. I hate it when my lab pit mix drools and that's only when he is excersizing. But I would love one especially after watching the movie "Turner and Hooch" oh he is so cute!

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