Miniature Pinscher

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This breed originated several centuries ago as a distinctly German dog used as a barnyard ratter. The Miniature Pinscher is known as the king of toys, standing at 10 to 13 inches and weighing between 8 to 10 pounds. The small size of the breed make them good for apartment life, while they can become very active indoors.




Wow Q that is like Nia she is a s-l-o-w eater but she does not let Kody near her food bowl (he would eat it if given the chance)! She may not want it right now but he can not have it!Licks & Nibbles,Kody & Nia


How would you define heavy rnuinng? I have a border collie that's 8 months, and spend on average about an hour a day exercising him. From Fetch with Frisbee's and tennis balls, to trail rnuinng, to hiking trails. I keep my dog very very active. But I've kinda wondered if this will end up having a negative effect later on down the road. I've heard and read that you should even start playing games with him where it involves jumping till 14 months, but isn't this more breed specific?

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