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The breed originated in Germany as a water retriever where the famous poodle clip was established so that the Poodle could move through the water more efficiently and the coat could protect vital organs and joints. According to the AKC Registration Statistics, the poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds. This beauty and brains dog stands at an average of 15 inches and weighs 15 to 17 pounds. The poodle has a hypoallergenic coat, but requires professional grooming.



cathy chandler

I have a red poodle it is now 5 mounts old. I have not been able to work on getting her house broke, because of a knee joint replacement. Does anyone have any suggestions on training pads? I am having trouble naming her, glad it was not this hard naming my 2 girls. I would love any help or suggestions. Thanks Cathy.


I grew up with poodles. I love them very much, they are great with old children but I have noticed they do not care for the little ones. I have two pit bulls now and would never go back but I'm really glad my mom still has poodles they are a great pup to have.


Merle is not an accepted color in poldoes. Not likely to find a RESPONSIBLE breeder of one anywhere. A responsible breeder will:1) be breeding to the breed's standard..no teacup, micro, mini, imperial, king, or other goofy term for runts or oversized dogs. No intentional rare , meaning unaccepted by the breed standard, colors either.2) will be actively showing or working the parents.3) will have genetic health testing done, such as OFA or PennHip, CERF, VonWillebrand's, etc.4) will give you the results of that testing in writing5) insists on spay/neuter for pet pups.6) has a contract citing the spay/neuter clause and also offering to take back the pup at any time for any reason for the rest of its life.7) is open, honest, and available to the new owner, and can talk aobut their breed for hours.8) does a home check before placing a pup, and will turn down homes that might not be suitable for a pup of their breed.9) does not put money above the well-being of their animals.If the breeder you are considering doesn't fit these guidelines, find a better breeder. You are more likely to get a mentally and physically healthy pup from a responsible breeder.

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