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The Pug is one of the oldest living dog breeds, dating back to before 400 BC. The earliest known source of the Pug was in China, where they were kept among Buddhist monasteries. Later Prince William II's fondness of the breed made them very fashionable. Best described as a lot of dog in a small body, the Pug weighs between 13 and 20 pounds and stands at 10 to 14 inches. The breed is not very tolerant of hot or cold climates, so being inside is best for the Pug.




I have one of these dogs, mainly pug but hes got some scotty in him and hes an absolute lounge dog. Loves to be touching anyone in the house. Loves constant contact with people and is happy to sleep 16+ hours a day. I have never been bitten by him even when punishing him and the thick head of a pug definitely makes them subborn as all hell. Which gives them some character. Very willful dogs and will hold a grudge for awhile. i'm currently in his bad books... so i assume it will be another 6-12 hours before he will acknowledge me. Great dog, huge personality and requires lots of love and treats.


this dog is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute


Wish i could have one


Sooooo cute I love Pugs


Best dog EVER! I own three of them, they are so sweet, they snore at night, and love to snuggle. They are lazy most of the time but can be playful at times too. I love this breed! Best dog for anyone! If you live in a small apartment or huge house this dog will work out great, they're very flexible dogs and they love children. All around great dog!

teresa mericle

I own 4 adults Just sold 7 pups which I hand delivered. They are my pride and joy!

teresa mericle

I own 4. 3 black 1 fawn. smarestest critters ever! would not have nothing less.


Omg! Me too! I just sold 6 pug puppies i also hand delivered and they are also my pride and joy, I wanted to keep all of them, but I couldn't have there were so many people out there that love the breed too! Aren't they just amazing, the puppies, to watch them be born and to watch them grow and mature, its amazing! I used to breed siamese cats but I much prefer the pugs, they show you so much love and affection, they are also very smart. I had my 6 puppies paper trained at 6 weeks old! Beautiful, loving, snugglers! I said it before and ill say it again, best breed ever!

tyla pullaim

i hate it when they snore

teresa mericle

The snezzing drives me crazy. I make them rool over and change positions to control the snoring! Yet they are so smart!

teresa mericle

Mine are all snugglers as well. They are the best alarms...so much for ADT. You can't get to my mailbox without knowing it. They have such a Keen sense as well as personality.


im getting my pug this wednesday i cant wait its 8 weeks old and its a boy they are sooooo cute and playful and they love kids wich i like because im always surrounded by kids i have 3 kids and 2 nieces that i visit often and they love pugs


i love pugs!!


i have a pug. Snores VERY loudly! and he loves to be snuggled. I LOVE PUGS!!!

Sara Mullaney

I love the snoring, it puts me to sleep at night.


they are perfect little creatures.

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