Scottish Terrier

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The Scottie was originally bred to dig and hunt vermin, but became increasingly popular due to King James VI's adoration of the Scottish Terrier. The breed is also famous for being the only dog breed to live in the White House three different times. The ideal height of a Scottish Terrier is 10 inches while weighing between 18 and 22 pounds. Scotties thrive as house pets.



sally Ford

We had one of these dogs and it was the best dog I have EVER had. We are going to be getting another, maybe even two.

sydney archer

My dog named Bonny is so great and when I go to school she grabs one of my stuffed animals and starts licking it even when I am at Rylee's [my friends]across the street.


Rylee Brown

Bonny is so pretty when she is groomed,and she has value to me.

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