Spanish Mastiff

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The breed is thought to have originated from a molosser type of dog over 2000 years ago, while today the Spanish Mastiff is primarily known as a native to the region of Estremadura of Spain. The breed is very large and rather lengthy, the Spanish Mastiff stands 28 to 35 inches and weighs 145 to 265 pounds. The breed is quite independent by nature so they are aloof even towards their families. Because of their large size, the Spanish Mastiff is not recommended for apartment life, a large yard or farm is best suited where they can play and even live but the breed would more like to sleep in the house closer to their family.




both dogs and cats are interested in anyihtng that moves, but their reactions differ, most dogs and cats will instinctivley chase and kill it but some will be afraid or cautious of it. No particular breed just their persionality really but i would ntreccomend getting a dog or cat just to kill spiders thats just sad.References :

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